Our offer is a solution for all people who want to create additional space in their garden. Our cellars allow you to store food or tools, among other things. We make optimal use of the available space so that we can conduct the installation under a terrace or gazebo.

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We can advise you on preparing a precise installation plan and customising your cellar. All this to ensure that the finished cellar will serve you successfully for many years.

We provide our own transportation, so we will bring all the necessary materials to the site without engaging you additionally. Our specialists will handle the installation from start to finish.

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Garden cellars - application

Garden cellars, also known as pit-houses, were once a permanent feature of the home landscape. However, advances in technology, most notably unlimited access to electricity and increasingly modern refrigerators, caused their popularity to decline significantly for an extended period of time. In some homes, separate pantries appeared, while gazebos began to reign supreme in gardens. For several years, we have been watching cellars coming back in style, which is related, among other things, to greater concern for health, growing vegetables and fruits, and the resulting need for their proper storage.

A properly constructed garden cellar can keep the temperature below 10 degrees Celsius at all times throughout the year! Most often, the temperature in such constructions is maintained in the range of 6 to 9 degrees, which creates ideal conditions for storing food – including preserves, spirits, but also unprocessed crops. Thus, in many pit-houses, we can find ready-to-eat vegetables, fruits or plant bulbs protected against winter.

A cellar is a great place for more than just food storage. They are perfect as storage rooms for garden tools or bicycles, skates, skis and the like, used only throughout the season. Thus, we protect our possessions from the adverse effects of snow, rain or long exposure to sunshine. On hot days, a cool cellar is also the perfect place for a short or slightly longer rest.

Not every place is good enough for a garden cellar. That is why the help of professionals is so valuable in this regard. The primary factors to look at are the level of sun exposure, as well as the side on which the cellar door will be installed.

Cellars built in natural depressions pose a risk of rainwater flooding, so avoid these types of places. Groundwater levels also need to be analysed at the investment preparation stage. Their high levels may result in the need for additional expenses for stronger waterproofing.

Nevertheless, the immediate vicinity of our cellar is also important. If there are trees with extensive roots nearby, they can permanently damage the structure and make urgent repairs necessary. That is why cooperation with a professional company is so important at the stage of building a cellar – with professional support, you can be sure that the use of the cellar will be comfortable and estimated for many years.

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