Garden Cellars
Professional workmanship, attractive prices
Garden Cellars
Professional workmanship, attractive prices

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Our company specialises in comprehensive implementation of garden cellar projects. Such constructions have a variety of uses, but they are most commonly used to store food, preserves or tools. Depending on your needs, they can be located, for example, under the terrace or gazebo.


A home cellar can be used to store preserves and other products that require low temperatures and little light.


A garden cellar is the perfect place to store wine. Creating the right conditions is a guarantee of the quality of the drink.


Are you short of space for tools or equipment? Free up space in your home or garage and store your riches in a garden cellar.

Garden cellars

Wish you had a basement in your home? Now there is a remedy for that! Garden architects are increasingly offering their customers cellars that can be placed anywhere outside. It is a great way to create extra storage space.

Most often, the process of creating a garden cellar begins with earthwork and foundation preparation. Only then, all the rest is built. The process is a bit like building a house. This solution discourages many people because of the duration and cost associated with such construction. Therefore, prefab technology was invented, which involves setting up pre-prepared structural elements made of concrete. Thus, a garden cellar is installed within… a few hours. In addition, the costs are reduced to a few thousand zlotys.

If you choose a concrete garden cellar, make sure that its construction is handled by a professional, experienced company that knows the subject well. It is very important that the cellar has the dimensions (especially the height) that fit your expectations, as well as maintain the right temperature and humidity. The latter factors are especially important if you want to store jars, vegetables or fruit in your cellar.

Many people worry that garden cellars will ruin the look of the space outside the house. They couldn’t be more wrong! Nowadays, it is possible to create such concrete garden cellars that completely blend into the background or look like small hidden houses. For example, you can cover the dome with a layer of soil and let grass or other plants, such as moss or ornamental shrubs, grow on it. You can also cover them with stones to create a naturalistic rocky hill. Concrete garden cellars can be styled in many different ways, making them suitable for boho, country, classic or industrial styles alike.

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